Corporate Videos

There are many types of corporate videos that you may be looking to obtain for your business and we’ve produced all of them previously and a few extras.  We’ve included a list below of some that you may not have thought about before.  As you think about videos you would like for investors, employees, and clients remember that we live in a world that is media focused and gone are the days of boring HR videos and monotone instructionals.  People are expecting high quality, high definition, well produced video production available on their TV, computer, or mobile device.  Allow us to script and storyboard your idea, work with your budget, and make sure all the elements from graphics or voice overs will meet your high standards.

  • Staff training / instruction and safety videos
  • Investor relations / financial results
  • Company promotional/brand videos
  • New product or service online presentations
  • Video role play (often with actors)
  • Client and customer testimonial videos
  • Corporate event filming (for example, a new product launch or conference)
  • Live and on-demand webcasting
  • Technology and product demonstration videos
  • Business television